RAPIDPASS Vehicle Emissions Index (VEI)
The VEI is an automated calculation that takes into account several factors to include emissions inspection results of similar vehicles and can range from a VEI of 1 to 100. A lower VEI represents a vehicle that is expected to run cleaner than a vehicle with a higher VEI. Vehicles with a high VEI will not qualify for RAPIDPASS.

To look up your vehicle’s VEI, please enter your vehicle’s 17 character VIN number

Several factors determine if a vehicle is eligible for RapidPass after a valid On-Road Emissions observation is recorded.

Reasons why a vehicle will not qualify for a RapidPass include:
  1. Any vehicle that failed an emissions test in the previous test cycle or has failed in the current test cycle is not eligible for a RAPIDPASS.
  2. Any vehicle that has been rejected from a traditional emissions test during the current test cycle because the OBD system was not ready for testing.
  3. Diesel vehicles are not eligible for RAPIDPASS.
  4. The Commonwealth of Virginia applies a Vehicle Emissions Index (VEI) to determine the cleanest overall group of vehicles and their eligibility for RAPIDPASS. The VEI is based on the emissions test history of a particular Year, Make, and Engine Size. The VEI is updated quarterly. Vehicle groups identified with a VEI exceeding the limit are not eligible for a RAPIDPASS.
  5. No valid observations have been obtained. Observations may not be valid due to vehicle acceleration/deceleration, weather conditions or testing equipment issues. Several passes through testing equipment on separate days help to increase the chance of valid observations.
While the VEI lookup is helpful, this information does not take into account the vehicle’s inspection history and cannot predict what the exact VEI will be at the time of the On-Road Emissions observation.